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Equality Act: Destroying Religious Liberty in America

April 20, 2021 Dan Freeborn/Dr. Brent Ellis Season 1 Episode 10
Freeborn & Liberty
Equality Act: Destroying Religious Liberty in America
Show Notes

Dr. Brent Ellis, President of Spring Arbor University, a Christian university in Spring Arbor, Michigan penned an op-ed on the impact the Equality Act will have on American's First Amendment right to religious liberty. Implications are not limited to colleges and universities that adhere to religious faiths, the Equality Act would criminalize religious viewpoints of individuals, organizations, non-profits, businesses that do not embrace sexual identities other than biological male and female. We explore the real impact this legislation will have on religious liberty and how to stand firm in faith in persecution from the government.

The Episode:

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:35 The First Amendment
00:12:35 The Equality Act
00:26:00 How we got here
00:37:28 Feminism and the destruction of the nuclear family
00:43:12 At the water cooler
00:50:54 Reliving the past at Spring Arbor
00:59:00 Staying true to faith despite persecution

- Dr. Brent Ellis's Op-Ed on the Equality Act
- The Equality Act
- The First Amendment
- Current and former LGBTQ students of evangelical Christian colleges and universities sue the Department of Education 

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