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Administration's Influence: The New Goliath

February 23, 2021 Dan Freeborn/Dr. Samuel Abrams Season 1 Episode 1
Freeborn & Liberty
Administration's Influence: The New Goliath
Show Notes

Dr. Samuel Abrams
- Visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.
- Professor of politics and social science at Sarah Lawrence College
- Faculty fellow with NYUs Center for Advanced Social Science Research
- Advisory Council, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

Dr. Abrams' op-ed published in the New York Times entitled "Think Professors are Liberal? Try School Administrators," outlines his research on the political leanings of administration compared to students and faculty and sparked outrage at Sarah Lawrence College where he teaches.

Sam details findings in his research, describes the attempted cancellation attempt and how FIRE is advocating for professionals and students in higher education that find themselves in the crosshairs of campus stifling freedom of expression.

 You can contact Sam directly at: [email protected]